August 2017

Best in Show

Creative Award and 1st Senior - "Gardener's Delight"
by Barbara Turner

olour Award - Interpretative -
"Hi Lily, Hi Lily, Hi Low"

by Eileen Wenn

1st Traditional Design - Hogarth Curve (D)
by Eileen Wenn 

1st Members Choice

by Sue Pilatti

1st Open Section - Line on Line in
Complementary Colours (D)
by Sue Pilatti
  1st Interpretative -
 "Hi Lily, Hi Lily, Hi Low"

by Jean Shine

1st Novice - "Gardener's Delight"
by Pat Elliott

 1st Intermediate - "Gardener's Delight"

by Julie Bolton

 1st Senior
- Wired Prayer Book Spray (D)

by Barbara Turner

 Demonstration Pieces by Valerie Roy

  Valerie's  rendition of Georgian (D) A lovely interpretation of
"Spring Romance" by Valerie 


held in the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre 18th – 20th August 2017

1st Place
by Jean Shine

  2nd Place
by Yuka Chalmers 

3rd Place

by Jeannette Hudson