October 2017

Best in Show

est in Show, 1st Interpretative - "Encapsulate"
by Sue Pilatti

olour Award

by Wendy Blackmore
Creative Award
by Stan Mitchell


  1st Traditional Design - Vertical Line (D)
by Brenda King 
1st members Choice
by Debbie Jones 

st Open Section - Wired Handbag Spray (D)

by Sharon Cunningham
1st Novice - Stamobile (D)
by Pat Elliott

1st Novice - "Connected"
by Pat Elliott

1st Intermediate - Stamobile (D)
by Leslie Parkin

1st Intermediate - "Connected"

by Una Arnold 

1st Senior - Stamobile (D)
by Karen Harold

1st Senior - "Connected"

by Barbara Turner 

Demonstration Pieces by Pene Brunning and Jean Shine

ene's Definition Piece
- Diagonal Line
Jean's first Interpretation
of "Using Seven Flowers"

nother Interpretation
of "Using Seven Flowers" by Jean