February 2018

Best in Show

1st Open Section: New Wave (D),  1st Creative Award
Debbie Jones

1st Members Choice, 1st Colour Award 

By Denise Shelbourn

1st European Design Styles  -

Italian Layered Design - Horizontal
by Eileen Wenn 

1st Interpretative - "Go Green"
by Karen Harold

1st Novice: "Using Driftwood"
by Patricia Stevens

1st Intermediate: "Dry Line"
by Leslie Parkin

 1st Intermediate: "Using Driftwood"

by Una Arnold

1st Senior: "Dry Line"
by Yuka Chalmers

1st Senior: "Using Driftwood"
by Julie Raymond

Demonstration Pieces by Jeannette Hudson


he first of Jeannette's definition piece - Freestyle (D)

nother example of Freestyle (D)

Jeannette's Interpretative representation
"Using Two Containers"