November 2018

Best in Show
1st European Design Styles - Avant-Garde Parallel Wreath (D),
Colour Award
by Barbara Turner


Creative Award 
by Lesley Parkin

1st Members Choice 
by Debbie Jones
 1st Open Section - Wired
Corsage and Boutonniere (D)

by Lesley Parkin
 1st Interpretative -
"Hearts and Flowers"

by Debbie Jones

 1st Intermediate - "Variegations"
by Pamela Heath

1st Senior - Modern Mass (D)
by Maureen Young

1stSenior - "Variegations"
by L
eanne McNally


Demonstration Pieces by Pene Brunning and Denise Shelbourn



 Pene's two designs of the definition subject - Pave (D).
The first has beautiful whirls of green and white. The second has more of a Christmas appeal.



 Denise's interpretation of "Christmas Story Time" - These designs have three different variations: 
the Cold Northern Hemisphere, the Warmth of Australia and the sea- "I Saw Three Ships".