March 2019

Best in Show

1st Members Choice
by Debbie Jones

Colour Award; 1st Open section - Free Form (D)
by Valerie Roy

Creative Award; 1st Senior - "Geometry as Art"
by Lesley Parkin
1st European Design Styles - Parallel Graphic (D)
by Denise Shelbourn


1st Interpretative "Twists and Turns"
by Eileen Wenn


1st Novice - Inverted Crescent (D)
by Emma Manger

1st Novice - "Geometry as Art"
by Emma Manger 
1st Intermediate - Inverted Crescent (D)
by Jennifer Staniforth

 1st Intermediate - "Geometry as Art"
by Susanna MacKenzie
 1st Senior - Inverted Crescent (D)
by Lesley Parkin

Demonstration Pieces by Anna Stokes and Lyn Fisher

Anna's portrayal of the definition subject
- Landscape (D)
Lyn's perception of the
Interpretative topic - "Rusty"