March 2020

Best in Show

st Open Section - Polychromatic (D), Creative Award
by Lesley Parkin


olour award, 1st Senior - Still Life - Modern (D)
by Maurine Gulland

1st Modern - Still Life (D)
by Valerie Roy
1st Members Choice
by Lesley Parkin


1st Interpretative - "Upside Down"
by Karen Harold

1st Novice - Still Life- Modern (D)
by Angela Tew

1st Novice - "Diversity"

by Sharon Stewart

 1st Senior - "Diversity"

by Jennifer Staniforth


Demonstration Pieces by Anna Stokes, Eileen Wenn and Denise Shelbourn

nna's wonderful first example of

Contemporary Structural Design (D)

Another lovely example of

Contemporary Structural Design (D)
Eileen's lovely design representing
"Aiming High"

Denise's wonderfully simple representation of

"Aiming High"