August 2020

Best in Show

Members Choice, Creative Award
by Lois Seaton


olour Award

by Jane Merralls

st Modern - Creative Line

by Jeannette Hudson

st Open Section - Garland (D)

by Sharon Cunningham

1st Interpretative - "Encircled"
by Lesley Parkin

1st Novice - Diagonal Line (D)

by Angela Tew

1st Novice - "Forms and Flowers"

by Gail Richardson


1st Intermediate - Diagonal Line (D)
by Susanna McKenzie

1st Intermediate - "Forms and Flowers"
by P
at Stevens

 1st Senior - "Forms and Flowers"
by W
endy Blackmore


 Demonstration Pieces by Eileen Wenn and Pene Brunning


A very peaceful rendition of the definition
subject - A design using an
by Eileen

 Pene's cool and gentle first interpretation
of "Natures Beauty"

 Such a vibrant rendition of "Nature's Beauty" 

in Pene's second demonstration