November 2021


Best in Show
1st Open Section - Modern Mass (D)
by Jean Shine


Colour Award, 1st Novice - "Sweeter in Numbers"
by Celeste de Villiers


 Creative Award
by Lesley Parkin


1st Moderns - Modern Mass
by Denise Shelbourn
1st Members Choice
by Lesley Parkin
 1st Interpretative - "Fireball"
by Pene Brunning
 1st Novice - Polychromatic (D)
by Celeste de Villiers

 1st Intermediate - Ploychromatic (D)
by Gail Richardson

 1st Intermediate - "Sweeter in Numbers"
by Lee-Ann Touyz


1st Senior - Polychromatic (D)
by Maureen Young

 1st Senior - "Sweeter in Numbers"
by Jennifer Staniforth


Demonstration Pieces by Valerie Roy and Annette Hedges


Val's lovely demonstration of a Formal Trough (D)

 A wonderful interpretation of "Warm, Warmer ...Hot!" by Annette