October 2016

Best in Show

1st Minimal Material/Maximum Impact
Pene Brunning

Colour Award and 1st Members Choice
by Mary Kanair
 Creative Award and 1st Open Section
Naturalistic (D)
by Denise Shelbourn
1st Interpretative - "Long Ago"
by Jane Merralls

images/images/monthly/2016/October/DSC06016.jpg1st Novice - Phoenix (D)
by Yuko Maeda

 1st Intermediate - "Roses by Candlelight"
by Julie Raymond

1st Intermediate - Phoenix (D)
by Julie Raymond

1st Senior - "Roses by Candlelight"
by Yuka Chalmers

1st Senior - Phoenix (D)
by Barbara Turner

Demonstration Pieces by Pene Brunning and Jan Steele

Pene's first interpretation of "Vertical Display"

The second piece - "Vertical Display" by Pene

Jan's, Split Complementary Design


held in the Mandurah performing Arts Centre 21st – 23rd October 2016

Winner of the WAFAS State Championship
Jeannette Hudson


2nd  WAFAS State Championship
Karen Harold




3rd WAFAS State Championship
   by Pene Brunning




Highly Commended
WAFAS State Championship
by Leonie Joss