November 2016

Best in Show

Colour Award, Creative Award and 1st Open Section - New Wave (D)
by Sue Pilatti

1st Minimal Material
/Maximum Impact
by Pene Brunning

1st Members Choice

by Jeannette Hudson

1st Interpretative - "Luxurious" 
by Mary Kanair

1st Intermediate
- Split Complementary

Colour Scheme (D)
by Gigi Hesterman

1st Intermediate
"Vertical Display"

by Gigi Hesterman

1st Senior
Split Complementary

Colour Scheme (D)
by Karen Harold

1st Senior "Vertical Display"
by Julie Raymond 

Demonstration Pieces by Denise Shelbourn and Sharon Cunningham


Denise's three Interpretative pieces of "Christmas"; firstly "Natural Weaving" to form Christmas Trees, a low Christmas Design and an Ikebana Design.



Sharon's subject was a Buffet Table Design (D), a cheery, possibly breakfast decoration. Sharon's second piece was an interpretation of "Christmas".